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Want to quit smoking but don't know how to begin? Here are 6 tried and true ways.

Wilton Maine dentist
Jun 04 2015

CNN recently published an article1 titled, “The 6 most scientifically proven methods to help you quit smoking.” Most people know that smoking is bad for you; in fact- for half a century now- we've know that smoking can kill you. Still, it can be an incredibly difficult habit to break. Many smokers want to quit, but they're not sure how. Thankfully, science is here to help.


Are your teeth touchy to the cold? Find out what your sensitivity could mean.

dentist in Wilton Me
May 28 2015

 A recent article1 in TIME explores the common (but troubling!) problem of tooth sensitivity. While teeth can be “touchy” with no reason for great concern, sensitivity can also indicate bigger, underlying dental problems. So, next time you feel that familiar jab after a big gulp of ice water, pay special attention to how long the pain lasts and how localized it is.


Regular Dental Visits can Detect Oral Cancer Early

dentist in Wilton ME
May 21 2015

The ADA recently released an article that explores the connection between regular dental visits and early detection of oral cancer. Twice-yearly dental check-ups not only help maintain optimal oral health in terms of the prevention of decay and gum disease, but they can also prove to be life-saving. At each regular dental visit, our providers perform an oral cancer screening to identify early signs of oral cancer and also to open up the conversation about risk factors for the development of oral cancer.


Custom mouthguards aren't just for professional boxers. Your little champions need them, too!

Wilton Maine dentist
May 11 2015

On May 2nd, professional boxers Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Manny Pacquiao faced each other in the ring for what was dubbed “The Fight of the Century.” The event was highly publicized and raked in close to 400 million dollars. In the lead up to the fight, the New York Times reported on Mayweather's flashy style and remarked on both the aesthetic and functional significance of both fighters' custom mouthguards. Mayweather reportedly commissioned 10 mouth guards- including one with a baked-in 100 dollar bill and gold foil detail.


How to encourage your child to look forward to the dentist

dentist in Wilton ME
Apr 30 2015

The best way to prepare for your child's visit with your Wilton dentist is to have an open, calm conversation with him or her about why it's important and what will happen during the appointment. Kids are very perceptive, and they could have picked up on certain myths and assumptions about the dental office that might make them anxious or afraid. As a parent, you can explain the positives about going to the dentist and encourage them to feel curious and excited instead of nervous and scared.


Xyli-hmm? Get the scoop on natural sweetener xylitol

Wilton Maine dentist
Apr 23 2015

We've talked a lot about sugar and its effects on your mouth and body, but what about sugar alternatives? Xylitol is a natural sweetener that is found in many sugar-free products such as gum, toothpaste, some cough drops, and sweets. Recently, it has gained attention as a possible sugar substitute that actually has benefits for your teeth- some sources go as far to claim that xylitol can prevent cavities. Hey, if that's true, sign me up!


Unsure about which toothpaste to use? Find out here!

Wilton Maine Dentist
Apr 14 2015

Not sure which kind of toothpaste to use? Overwhelmed in the grocery store's oral health aisle? Don't worry! We've broken down the different types of toothpaste and have explained the purpose of some of the most common toothpaste ingredients to help you make a more informed decision. Happy brushing, and don't forget to floss!

Here's a breakdown of some of the more common ingredients in toothpaste and an overview of each of their functions: 


How to prevent sensitivity of teeth

Wilton Maine Teeth Cleaning
Apr 07 2015

Tooth sensitivity is the result of the demineralization and loss of the enamel. Symptoms of demineralization include transparency, cracking, and discoloration of the teeth. This can be caused partially by diet (i.e. over-consumption of acidic foods, large amounts of sugar, and also certain medications), hygienic issues (excessive brushing, brushing with excess force, and bleaching), and other behaviors (trauma, habitual grinding and clenching of the teeth, acid reflux, and frequent vomiting). Some people are even genetically prone to tooth sensitivity.


The health of your smile during pregnancy

Wilton Maine Dentist
Mar 31 2015

During pregnancy, it is especially important to maintain proper oral health. The hormonal changes that occur throughout pregnancy can increase the risk of oral problems such as gingivitis and tooth decay. Good oral hygiene - maintained by daily brushing, flossing, and rinsing with an alcohol free antimicrobial mouthwash- can prevent the build-up of plaque and bacteria. This build-up may harbor viruses that are detrimental to your oral health, and thus proper brushing, flossing, and rinsing can reduce your risk for cavities and gum disease.


Why do we call third molars "wisdom teeth?" Do we need them?

Wilton Maine Dentist
Mar 12 2015

We all hit our peaks of wisdom between the ages of 17 and 25, right? Okay, so maybe that's not exactly true. Why, then, are our third molars dubbed "wisdom teeth?" The eruption of our third molars marks a transitional period in our lives between adolescence and adulthood. It is thought that with age, we become wiser and more mature.


Toothache: Trip to the ER or Visit to the Dental Office?

Wilton ME Emergency Dentist
Mar 04 2015

When faced with a dental emergency, you might be tempted to rush to the emergency room to take care of the pain. However, going to the ER should be the last option you consider to treat a toothache. When an injury involves the external jaw and lips, other parts of the face, or results in significant blood loss, the ER is the appropriate place to seek help. On the other hand, injuries that involve broken teeth or toothaches should most always be treated by your Wilton dentist.


Seniors & Good Oral Health

Wilton Maine Dentist
Feb 27 2015

In the past, people often lost some (or all) of their teeth early in life. However, thanks to raised awareness about dental health, more Americans are keeping their teeth longer. To ensure that teeth stay healthy, it is important for seniors to keep up with their semi-yearly visits to the dentist. Here are a few common dental problems experienced by older adults:


There's still time to WIN scholarship money! Enter Complete Dentistry's poster contest!

Complete Dentistry Maine - Poster Contest
Feb 18 2015

February is National Children's Dental Health Month, and we've enjoyed visiting local schools to teach children about the importance of good oral health! In the meantime, our 2nd Annual Poster Contest, themed "Brave Smiles," is up and running! We've had submissions come in, and we've had a blast so far seeing what imaginative ideas the kids have come up with for their posters! There's still time to have your little ones enter, and school vacation week is the perfect time to sit down and do some arts and crafts with your kids!


Is fear standing in the way of your beautiful, healthy smile?

Complete Dentistry Maine - Dental Anxiety
Feb 12 2015

If you have anxiety about going to the dentist, you're not alone. Ten percent of Americans have dental phobia- a clinically diagnosed fear of dental visits. Nearly twenty percent of Americans avoid going to the dentist because of anxiety. This fear and anxiety present major obstacles for individuals who know that their oral health is important but who are too worried or afraid to make that first call to schedule an appointment.


Could you recognize signs of oral cancer?

Wilton Maine Dentists
Feb 10 2015

In the U.S., oral cancer causes over 8,000 deaths per year. The death rate associated with oral cancer is particularly high because the cancer is often caught too late. This is partially due to the lack of a routine, comprehensive program to screen for oral cancer, and it is also due to the fact that, in its early stages, oral cancer can develop without producing pain or other recognizable symptoms.


Complete Dentistry 2nd Annual Poster Contest: "Brave Smiles"

Wilton ME Dental Office
Feb 02 2015

At Complete Dentistry, we understand that good oral health habits are formed early. This February, Complete Dentistry celebrates National Children's Dental Health Month with its 2nd annual poster contest! We invite all K-6 children from Franklin & Oxford counties to participate. The theme for our poster contest is “Brave Smiles.” We hope that our contest will inspire children to think about their dental health in a fun and interactive way, and we encourage participants to use their imaginations!



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